Myanmar Airways International

Ticket Refund

Refund Conditions

  • Only wholly unused tickets are eligible for ticket refund application
  • This refund service is ONLY for tickets purchased through the Internet Booking Engine
  • Only 70% of total payment will be refunded
  • Refund application must be submitted (3) days prior to confirmed travel date
  • For applications made less than (3) days prior to confirmed travel date, Only 50% of total payment will be refunded
  • Depending on each case refund process may take up to 8 weeks approximately
  • Refund will be deposited to the account associated with the card that is used to purchase the ticket
  • For further information please contact [email protected]
  • Refund process may not be cancelled once the process is started

By clicking the submit button below, you agree to our refund conditions.

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